Los Angeles Rams: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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Tom Mack, Los Angeles Rams
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19. player. 51. . Offensive Tackle. (1966-78). Tom Mack

Tom Mack was another all-time great of the Rams from back in the day that was fortunate enough to spend all 13 of his NFL seasons in Los Angeles. Mack would eventually earning a spot in Canton for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Back in 1966, it seemed like a no-brainer for the Rams to go with Mack at No. 2 in the draft when looking at what he was able to accomplish during his playing days at Michigan from a protecting the quarterback standpoint.

Furthermore, selecting Mack No. 2 overall in 1966 was one of the greatest draft picks of all time by the organization. He would go on to make 11 Pro Bowls, nine of which came from 1967-75.

Before his retirement at the conclusion of the 1978 season, the Rams had put together quite the impressive streak of six-straight playoff berths, along with four trips to the NFC Championship game in five seasons.

As frustrating as it was for Mack to see Los Angeles fail to win a Super Bowl despite all of their success during the regular season, at least his presence alone shows how much of a difference maker he was on offense. Mack make sure his quarterback received the best protection possible.

All things considered, it was easy to see why Mack was such an easy selection for a spot in Canton. Just look at all the success he had throughout his career in Los Angeles. Thank goodness the team was smart enough to select the offensive tackle when they did in 1966.