Los Angeles Rams: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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(1972-82). Larry Brooks. 24. player. 51. . Defensive Tackle

As mentioned before, the Rams were known for having one of the league’s top defenses in the 1970’s. Defensive tackle Larry Brooks made just as much of an impact as some of the other guys throughout his career.

His career may not have gotten off to the best start in 1972 when seeing how long it took him to eventually make an impact on defense. However, Brooks is the perfect example of the analogy about how it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Basically, everything seemed to go well for Brooks on the Los Angeles defense once the Rams decided to insert him into the starting lineup during his rookie season. The rest is history for the defensive tackle.

After his rookie season, Brooks would go on to start every game he appeared in over the next seven years for the Rams. Brooks happened to reach the Pro Bowl five years in a row from 1976-80.

Injuries did catch up with him towards the end of his career before eventually deciding to retire after the 1982 season. Regardless, Brooks still has plenty to be proud of when looking at everything he was able to accomplish during the 11 seasons spent with the Rams.

There aren’t many football players that end up spending their entire career with a single team, but this shows how much the Rams appreciated having Brooks on their team.

Brooks may not have won a Super Bowl during his time in Los Angeles, but at least the defender was able to earn a ring as a Green Bay Packers assistant later on.