Los Angeles Rams: 3 reason LA, Aaron Donald in a no win situation

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM) /
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The Rams have done nearly everything right this offseason. They were aggressive and won in free agency, then turned around and drafted smart. The LA braintrust has put the organization on a win-now footing, and have subsequently created a tidal wave of expectations.

So what now?

If both are playing hardball and neither side blinks, the potential thud should 2018 go sideways will be large and problematic. You simply don’t build a team like this only to have the star of the class NOT participate.

Further, expect rank and file to begin to notice and ask questions when we get closer to Opening Day. Expect those questions to become more numerous and on edge if this drags into Week 1 and beyond.

This is the worst case scenario, and no one should be surprised that the Rams and Donald are here.

While the organization will bear the brunt of criticism, expect AD to begin to get his should this affect game day. With so much on the line, fans won’t think kindly towards either side if those sky high expectations begin to fizzle on the field.

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Right now, the only positive outcome is a new deal. Franchise tags are a band-aid, and if resentment hasn’t set in by then with AD, expect it to.

As I’ve written, the Los Angeles Rams have gotten nearly everything right since Sean McVay became the head coach. The trajectory for this team is sky high.

It seems almost inconceivable they’d get this far in the process to only have their best player still sitting in Pennsylvania, and not on the field in California.