Los Angeles Rams: 3 things we may know about Aaron Donald and his future in LA

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Say what you want about both sides, but don’t say they don’t believe in their respective positions.

Donald is looking for a payday he absolutely deserves, in which his salary alone could redefine compensation for his position.

Conversely, the Rams are looking big picture, long term, and wanting to be a contender beyond the here and now.

Both sides aren’t wrong.

The Rams have been, at best, average for too many seasons. With the hiring of Sean McVay, and now their third-year quarterback Jared Goff looking to come into his own, Los Angeles finds itself at an interesting crossroads.

Pay Donald, as he likely should be, or take advantage of the situation as it currently presents itself, and plan for a future where you invest in talent beyond one player and his big paycheck.

It’s a risky proposition that may split fans.

Credit Demoff for saying what no one else will. Sustainable winning is what LA is looking to establish. Donald may or may not be part of that scenario long term.

It also illustrates what more and more experts continue to say. The NFL is an offensive, quarterback centric league. As great as Donald is, he’s not the guy big money typically goes to these days. Demoff is quick to site Goff as a player being on the immediate horizon for a payday.

A signal perhaps as to where the Rams see their money better spent long term.