Los Angeles Rams: 3 things we may know about Aaron Donald and his future in LA

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Demoff has been a lightning rod for a lot of criticism, and rightfully so. As a matter of fact, Demoff spoke about writing a lot of “really bad deals” especially via free agency.

Does this mean he and the organization are leery of making the kind of splashy deal that would potentially set new benchmarks for a defensive player, even if he is one of their own?

Could be.

But to simply take what Demoff says at face value speaks more truth than any talking head who has opined on Donald and the Rams.

Meaning that Los Angeles is charting a course where AD won’t be a financial anchor around the organization’s collective neck.

Fans may not like hearing that.

It’s an interesting dilemma where both sides may be right in what they believe and what they want.

You can’t fault Donald for wanting to be paid for what he’s done, and what he can do. He is after all, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year.

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You also can’t fault Demoff and the Rams organization for using all the options at their disposal, and effectively running out the clock on his current deal.

LA seems perfectly content to ride this out in the direction they want this to go.

So does Aaron Donald.

No better definition of stalemate could you find.