Los Angeles Rams could see numerous receivers earn carries in 2018

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The Los Angels Rams are in training camp, busily getting ready for the 2018 season. As they do, we consider which receiver might take some carries this season.

Over the last few seasons, the Los Angeles Rams have seen the speedster of diminutive size wide receiver Tavon Austin carry the ball several times a game.

Much of this has been in the form of the Jet Sweep, but it has included Austin lining up in the backfield as well.

With Austin now trying to compete for snaps with the Dallas Cowboys, the Rams will have to look to someone else to bring this dimension to the offense, assuming that is something Head coach and offensive guru Sean McVay wants to do.

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So, who are the likely candidates to fill that role?

Here are a few options to consider.

Pharoh Cooper

Pharoh Cooper took Austin’s job in returning punts and brings a similar skill set, although he is a step slower with better size. He only had one carry last season, but might he be a piece to move around, wide, in the slot, or even in the backfield?

I can imagine McVay enjoying motion action before the snap with the defense never knowing where Cooper will end up. The limiting factor? Cooper’s greatest value at this point seems to be on special teams, so that could limit his offensive snaps some.

Brandin Cooks

Brandin Cooks is an obvious choice because of his speed and the fact that he averages seven or eight carries a year since he has been in the league. He will be a strong candidate to take the end around, and expect McVay to fake that as well.

Cooks has the ability to find the seam and make the defense pay. He is a much less likely candidate to lineup in the backfield, but expect to see Jet Sweep action to Cooks a few times per game this fall.

Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp is another candidate because he moves all over the formation. He is a young player (in only his second year) who plays like a veteran.

However, his game is not speed, but route running and possession. You may see a trick play to Kupp every now and then, but using him this way does not depend on his strengths.

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas is a bit of a flyer in this category, as he has not had a carry in the NFL. However, he is athletic with good size and the Rams want to get him involved.

Perhaps this could be a way to stress the defense with movement and versatility. Cooper, would be a better solution, but what if he is unavailable? Not the craziest thought in the world.

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Tune in next Thursday as the Rams open their preseason schedule against the Baltimore Ravens. The playbook will likely be pretty vanilla, but we should see some depth players get their shot at reps.