Los Angeles Rams: 3 reasons it is time to move on from Sean Mannion

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Most often when you separate franchise type, consistent quarterback play from those relegated to holding a clipboard, it’s the intangibles the player has versus the one that doesn’t who has success. While you can’t always pinpoint “intangibles” with Goff, they seem completely and totally lacking with Mannion.

Week 1 of the Rams preseason schedule illustrates a problem that McVay may need to deal with sooner rather than later.

Mannion may not be the guy to serve as the backup to Goff.

Hey, best to figure that out now than midway through the 2018 regular season.

The sample size nay be small, but I’d challenge anyone to say they see a spark, a something, ANYTHING that says the sight of No.14 trotting out onto the field makes any fan feel either enthused or optimistic.

Thursday night in Baltimore was about as bad a performance as you’d ever want to see. Mannion had every reason and opportunity to want to perform well. The spotlight was his and his alone to make a mark, and post the kind of game that would make coaches take notice.

Instead, he raised more questions than provide answers.

McVay has probably seen enough to know that the second spot on the quarterback depth chart isn’t settled. If anything, it’s demonstrated that the Rams should have an open mind and keep their options open.