Los Angeles Rams: 3 areas in need of improvement for Week 2 of preseason

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Here are three areas the Los Angeles Rams need to improve on for the second week of preseason before their game against the Oakland Raiders.

Embarrassing doesn’t even begin to describe how the Los Angeles Rams looked against the Baltimore Ravens during their first action of the 2018 preseason after they went on to lose the game 33-7. But also, let’s not forget that Sean McVay decided to take the safe route by resting just about all of the starters to avoid any sort of unnecessary injury to any of his key players, which would have been devastating to see in August.

Still, just because the Rams rested most of their starters doesn’t give them an excuse for looking as awful as they did against the Ravens since a majority of these players are competing for roster spots, and should have been playing with a little extra motivation. Not to mention, when looking at how often injuries occur in professional sports, Los Angeles wants to make sure they have reliable backups at each position in case something happens to one of their star players, making these next few weeks even more important.

Whether it was nerves or inexperience, all that matters for the Rams moving forward is they figure out a way to improve for their next preseason game against the Raiders on Saturday to avoid another embarrassment like last week against the Ravens. Luckily, this was only one game of a long preseason, and the team still has plenty of time to turn things around before September rolls around for that first game, which coincidentally happens to be against the Raiders.

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But before jumping that far ahead, here are three key areas in need of improvement for Los Angeles to focus on heading into next weekend’s game against Oakland to put them in better shape moving forward.