Los Angeles Rams: 3 reasons analysts see bust or boom

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With a lot of expectations in 2018, the Los Angeles Rams are beginning to see some analysts wonder if they can live up to all the hype.

A quick read of all things National Football League shows some experts and analysts beginning to wind down on the hype surrounding the Los Angeles Rams. There is of course good reason for such reservation in that LA hasn’t won anything in the regular season, despite rave reviews and accolades from an aggressive and impressive offseason.

Whether this is all premature or remarkably timely remains to be seen.

But it is worth noting that a bad exhibition game showing won’t help those who wonder if the Rams are all hype or hope, bust or boom.

Depth at linebacker and on an aging offensive line are significant talking points. Also, for those wondering about quarterback depth, the 33-7 loss at Baltimore won’t make you feel any better. Backup quarterback Sean Mannion was every bit as bad as one could imagine.

Then, there is the team chemistry that comes with characters like Marcus Peters. Aqib Talib, and Ndamukong Suh.

And of course there’s that whole Aaron Donald thing.

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The Rams may or may not get back to 11-5, especially with a tough schedule that could feature up to six potential playoff teams like Oakland, the Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota, Green Bay, New Orleans, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Entering Week 2 of preseason play, NFL watchers are beginning to wonder if the Rams can be all that is expected, or blow up on the launching pad.