Los Angeles Rams: 3 reasons analysts see bust or boom

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Regardless of where you stand regarding the Aaron Donald situation with the Rams, it has the potential to become a significant distraction if things aren’t settled soon.

It’s a riddle, a conundrum, perplexing, and seemingly never ending.

Or they solve it tomorrow.

Depending on the day and the rumor, the Rams are either on the verge of getting a long-term deal done, or the reports of any deal is news to team personnel.

Yes, this could be a problem for Los Angeles.

That said, it’s reasonable to think that the Rams have done enough via free agency to weather any storm longer than expected should this drag into the regular season.

But analysts will note that Donald is a significant part of the Rams game plan and not just on defense. If this whole situation goes south with the 2017 DPOY and Los Angeles struggles, this moves front and center as a potential reason why.

LA is riding a huge wave of optimism after an 11-5 breakout year in 2017, one that Donald made part of his signature campaign. While it’s hard to see him bowing out of an entire season, the ramifications could provide a bad taste for all moving forward.

The Rams are positioned to win now. If they don’t, it’ll be the little things they overlooked that will have fans and experts alike scratching their head.