5 quarterbacks Rams should consider trading for to replace Sean Mannion

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3. Mike Glennon

Isn’t it crazy to think about all the money Mike Glennon has made over the years as a backup quarterback since he was originally supposed to take over the starting job with the Chicago Bears before they decided to draft Mitch Trubisky? Since things failed to work out with the Bears, Glennon has found himself a new home once again with the Arizona Cardinals, although the situation is once again similar to last year.

Glennon knew when signing with the Cardinals that he would be a backup to Sam Bradford when looking at all of the money the team invested in the former No. 1 pick for just this season, but also the team used a first-round pick on Josh Rosen as well in April. And even though Glennon seems to have the advantage over the rookie at the moment, Arizona could very well end up deciding to just go with Rosen as the backup if needed to provide some early experience.

It’s amazing to consider how Glennon keeps finding himself in these situations, but also no one feels all that bad when looking at all of the money he’s been able to make from it. Trading within the division always seems risky for any team, but cards on the table, the Cardinals most likely wouldn’t have to worry about facing Glennon on the Rams as long as Goff remains healthy.