Los Angeles Rams: 3 storylines for Week 1 against the Raiders

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Without a doubt, the best coach in the Nation Football League in 2017 was Sean McVay, and his Coach of the Year award is validation that he was the right guy to turn around the Titanic that was the Los Angeles Rams.

His job could be even bigger this season.

Yes, the Rams are loaded up and down the roster, but to fail with this group would be an epic letdown, so fulfilling the expectations that the fan base is sure to have will be a significant undertaking.

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The “matchup” between head coaches Jon Gruden and McVay is significant in that for better or worse, Gruden probably has a higher NFL profile than McVay. That’s no indictment, but Gruden has a Super Bowl ring from his days in Tampa, and then there is the whole ESPN deal. So expect the Gruden vs. McVay thing to be played up on Monday night.

Beyond that, it’s a huge opportunity for the Rams head coach. The Monday night ESPN doubleheader is a big stage, and the Rams haven’t had a lot of those since being back in Los Angeles. For McVay to deliver a loss to his onetime boss is kind of a big deal, and is even bigger if done before a national television audience.