Is the NFC West another battle between the Rams and Seahawks?

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 17: Running back Todd Gurley
SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 17: Running back Todd Gurley /

The Los Angeles Rams may be the class of the NFC West, but some see a Seattle Seahawks team as a potential dark horse in the NFC West.

If Week 1 showed anything it’s that most of what uber-fan and NFL media types think or thought is an absolute crap shoot. For instance, the Los Angeles Rams are roundly thought to be the class of the NFC West, while a team like the Seattle Seahawks looked to be a team on the way down to mediocrity.

Heck, I’ve thought that and still do.

Those same NFL media types are now wondering aloud if the Seahawks might be a dark horse out West.

The Seahawks?

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Ugh, not again.

First off, picking a dark horse or even a team to finish in second place in the division is like throwing a dart in the dark, or hitting a piñata after being spun around crazy-like.

Most are of the consensus that the Rams are the best out West. They have the reigning DPOY in defensive tackle Aaron Donald, the OPOY in running back Todd Gurley, and the Coach of the Year in Sean McVay.

And don’t forget a roster built to win in 2018 and 2019.

So who cares about the second division?

If quarterback play is the deciding factor for those who do win and those who don’t, Russell Wilson in Seattle could be a thorn in the side of the Rams. Los Angeles goes to Seattle on October 7, and then host the Seahawks on November 11.

For the record, I have believed that the Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals are in full blown rebuild mode.

I still do.

But some in the media see Seattle as the best of the rest after the Rams in the NFC West, especially with Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers losing less than impressively to the Minnesota Vikings.

Now, for all the Rams fans who hate on Jimmy G, you have a short memory in that the Vikings beat the Rams in Minneapolis last season, and there is the matter that the Vikings are good.

Real good.

Los Angeles hosts Minnesota in Week 4 and I’m on the record as seeing that game as a loss in a September prediction of 2-2 for the Rams.

So, Seattle, the 49ers, or the Cardinals?

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Week 2 might not answer much, but most will concede that the Los Angeles Rams finishing second to any of those other teams in the NFC West would be a colossal failure for Los Angeles. Even a Seattle team with the best quarterback in the division.