Los Angeles Rams: 4 overreactions in the NFC West after Week 1

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The Los Angeles Rams begin defense of their NFC West title with a Week 2 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, but is the West all but decided? you may think so after a few Week 1 overreactions.

The Los Angeles Rams will host the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2, and for fans of both teams and fans of the NFC West, it’s the first game where someone gets to claim first place in the division.

For the Rams, the Cardinals are the first game in defense of their NFC West title, and possibly a step towards a second. For Arizona, it’s a chance to maybe get a first win of the season, but beating LA for the first time since 2016 is a tall if not near impossible order.

The West is a lot of things, depending on who your team is. For instance if you’re a fan of the Rams, everything great that could happen to a team, including a Super Bowl, is on the table. But if you’re a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers, or the Cardinals, such aspirations may be out of reach.

After Week 1, the overreaction in the NFL is typically in overdrive, and the reactions to teams in the NFC West were not exempt.

Fans who think Jimmy Garoppolo is tremendously overrated feel completely validated. If you are in Arizona, the game against the Washington Redskins is a leading indicator that Sam Bradford is done, and it’s Josh Rosen time. In Seattle, there may be some slim hope that quarterback Russell Wilson can lead an insurrection and claim another division title.

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And for fans of the Rams, it’s like I said: Everything is possible.

Either way, the NFC West will be an interesting and likely predictable division to watch.