Los Angeles Rams: 4 overreactions in the NFC West after Week 1

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It’s hard to see how the Seattle Seahawks are anything other than a .500 or less football team. First, the easy money is that the Los Angeles Rams are best positioned to repeat as division champs, and likely are for the next two seasons.

The Seahawks, who were overwhelmed by injuries in 2017, especially on the defensive side of the football, still has one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL in Russell Wilson. Wilson, who should have two Super Bowl rings if not for some truly awful play calling, is not enough to drag this team to a playoff berth much less an NFC West title.

Week 1 had them lose at home to a Denver Broncos team who is still something of a riddle. The Broncos went out and signed former Rams quarterback Case Keenum who enjoyed an absolute resurrection in Minnesota last year. Keenum also had and has the benefit of a great defense behind him.

Wilson does not.

I’ve written and stand by the idea that the Seahawks, not unlike the Cardinals, are closer to a rebuild than the Niners. Rumblings in Seattle is that Pete Carroll may be near the end, and it’ll be Russell who outlasts him in the Emerald City.

It’s a reach that Russell can carry the Seahawks and Carroll to anything other than a sub .500 season.