Los Angeles Rams: Nothing wrong with Jared Goff being a system quarterback

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Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff doesn’t seem to mind much being labeled a “system” quarterback which is good, because he is.

Fans are wrong to complain about Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff being labeled as a “system” type of quarterback, because HE IS a “system” type of quarterback.

That’s OK.

First off, it’s no knock on Goff. The previous “system” that was the dumpster fire/Jeff Fisher era had a “system” which provided the rookie quarterback the best shot at what was a disastrous 0-7 record, and start to his career. That “system” was a prime breeding ground for what some saw as another first round bust before he really had any chance.

Enter first time head coach Sean McVay and his “system” that has worked wonders for Goff AND Todd Gurley on an 11-5 2017 team, and a 2-0 squad in 2018.

My question is why is “system” a bad label for a quarterback, especially in this hyper-managed NFL where everyone is mostly micro-managed, especially the QB position?

I mean McVay is in Goff’s ear, literally before every play.

As a reminder for fans who were so offended, that “system” scored an Offensive Player of the Year in Gurley, and a Coach of the Year in McVay himself.

Heck, you can make the argument that indirectly, it was a significant contributor in Aaron Donald being the Defensive Player of the Year coming off of an 11-5 record in 2017.

While I may disagree with McVay that it’s a “total discredit” to Goff, I do appreciate his quarterback being far more logical and pragmatic in his assessment of a label that is not a criticism.

“Yeah, I’ll be a product of the system if we win games, as much as I want,” Goff said in a Wednesday presser.

He’d continue.

“We just continue to go out there and keep playing, keep putting up 30 points and call me whatever you want. I feel like I’m just continuing to develop and continuing to get better.”

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Goff being a “system” quarterback is the correct assessment. Given his comments, he knows it’s not a bad deal for him, especially if they are winning football games.