Losing Marcus Peters would be crushing defensive blow for Los Angeles Rams

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters was carted to the locker field during Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

During the offseason, the Los Angeles Rams made a surprise move by acquiring Marcus Peters from the Kansas City Chiefs, mainly due to the fact that he was known as a distraction by some in the locker room.

However, from a talent perspective, Peters was arguably considered one of the most talented cornerbacks in the NFL, and when looking at the impact made with the Chiefs over the years, it was easy to understand the interest by the Rams.

Not to mention, when looking at some of the previous players he dealt with throughout his career similar to Peters, Los Angeles felt confident enough in Wade Phillips being able to keep his head focused on football while making the defensive unit that much stronger.

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To top off the excitement surrounding Peters, the Rams brought in another skilled cornerback through a trade in Aqib Talib, making it seem like the defense would possess one of the most dangerous duos at cornerback the NFL had to offer.

Through the first couple of games, Peters and Talib were living up to the hype when looking at how difficult it was for opponents to put up points on the scoreboard, especially in Week 2 when the Arizona Cardinals couldn’t even score a single point.

But if Peters is going to miss an extended period of time as a result of Sunday’s game against the Chargers, this is going to be a crushing blow for the Rams on defense.

Even though nothing is official at the moment, there are some concerns surrounding Peters after the cornerback was forced to leave Sunday’s game from what appeared to be an Achilles injury, and was even carted to the locker room.

As tough as it to make an assumption over a situation like this, just seeing how difficult it was for Peters to put weight on his one foot was an awful sign, and shows just how quickly a season can change for any player, no matter what the position.

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Luckily, if this injury is as serious as it looks, the Rams are loaded with depth at the position since players like Sam Shields will be expected to take on a larger role. But even if Shields does step up, and fill in, this still doesn’t take away from what appears to be the worst case scenario for Peters on defense when looking at how great he was playing in his first season with the team.