Would Rams head coach Sean McVay really go for a 16-0 season?

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Los Angeles Rams coaching staff along with Jared Goff
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Los Angeles Rams coaching staff along with Jared Goff /

Would the Los Angeles Rams make a run at 16-0 if the opportunity presented itself? it’s an interesting idea, but one still too far away to call.

The Los Angeles Rams have been mentioned about the possibility of going 16-0. It’s something of a pipe dream, but they certainly have the firepower to make a good run at it.

What’s interesting is the possibility that they get deep into December and still haven’t lost a game. It makes you wonder, and assuming they’ve clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs, what their approach is nearing the end of the season.

First off it’s still Week 6, and the Rams have a game to play against the Denver Broncos. As being reported and as I’ve written, they may get some seriously cold weather and snow as a factor. In Week 7, they go to their NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers for a game that isn’t always a gimme. If they win those two games, they get a chance to run the first half of the season when they host the Green Bay Packers.

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Based on those teams mentioned above in the first half of 2018, it’s not inconceivable they could wind up 8-0. It’s the second half of the season where remaining undefeated will be a tough act.

But for the sake of argument, let’s say they get past a road game against the New Orleans Saints, a ‘home’ game in Mexico City against a tough and possibly unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs, the Detroit Lions and their NFC North rivals in the Chicago Bears also on the road, and it’s still three significant games to go with playoff positioning close to locking up.

Los Angeles would have a home game in Week 15 against the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, then it gets interesting as the Rams have two NFC West rivals to close out 2018.

Week 16 has the Arizona Cardinals on the road, and who knows what state the Cards may be in. They then close out the season with the 49ers, a team they’ve actually struggled with in 2016 and 2017. While it’s completely insane to imagine either of those two teams in a playoff hunt, they wouldn’t mind derailing a big season for Los Angeles.

Question is, how much would 16-0 mean to a head coach like Sean McVay who clearly advocates sitting and resting top line players?

That said, if Rams players can convince their head coach to go for it on fourth down against the  Seattle Seahawks, would they try to sway him at a slice of history if an undefeated season is a serious possibility?

McVay clearly listens to his players, and it’s interesting to kick around the idea of what veteran might think, versus what the conventional wisdom is that McVay has displayed now two seasons in LA.

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A lot has to happen for such a scenario, but if the Los Angeles Rams find themselves in such a place, the possibilities are incredibly interesting. All that said, I can’t see a coach like McVay sacrificing a potentially bigger prize like the Super Bowl for a perfect regular season, no matter how much his players lobbied for it.