3 reasons Rams can still win Super Bowl after Cooper Kupp injury

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2. Reynolds has already proven he can step up

For the most part when Kupp was healthy, McVay seemed to have a preference with focusing on using his trio of receivers on offense, and rightfully so when seeing how much success he was having on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, this resulted in other players like Josh Reynolds struggling to see that much action on the football field, but that hasn’t prevented the wideout from stepping up for his team when needed the most.

During roster cuts leading up to Week 1, it became clear that Los Angeles saw too much potential in Reynolds to simply just part ways with him since they seemed confident in being able to find a legitimate role for him, no matter what. Believe it or not, it was actually Reynolds who came up in a big way for the Rams on offense when Kupp was sidelined for the team’s game against the Green Bay Packers at the end of October by finding the end zone twice.

Moving forward, all signs point to Reynolds becoming the No. 3 target for Goff at wide receiver, and the former Texas A&M star will hopefully embrace this opportunity to help Los Angeles during this final stretch before the playoffs. For a player who was patiently waiting for the opportunity to see more playing time, this looks like the perfect time for Reynolds to shine.