3 takeaways from Los Angeles Rams 36-31 win over Seattle Seahawks in Week 10

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2. Kupp’s injury doesn’t look good

Losing a key player to an injury can force a team to deal with an unexpected obstacle out of nowhere, which the Rams may end up having to do after Cooper Kupp was forced to leave Sunday’s game with what appeared to be a knee injury. And even though nothing is set in stone since the wideout is scheduled to have a MRI on Monday, the early fear is that Kupp suffered a torn ACL, meaning his season would come to an end.

When looking at his production from the last two seasons, Kupp has made a strong case about being one of the biggest steals from the 2017 NFL Draft, and the Rams realize just how fortunate they are to have him part of the mix. There aren’t many No. 3 options at wide receiver that could arguably be the top option on most other teams, but this is exactly what it’s like having Kupp on the roster for Los Angeles.

As much as the Rams want to hope for the best, it’s difficult not to fear for the worst when looking at his reaction to the injury when it took place on Sunday. Sure, Los Angeles will still be in great shape with other players like Josh Reynolds willing to step up, but Kupp will certainly be missed if his knee injury ends up being as bad as it seems.