3 reasons NFL needs to move Rams, Chiefs game in Mexico City to Los Angeles

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Here are three reasons the NFL needs to do what’s right by moving Monday’s game between the Rams and Chiefs to Los Angeles instead of Mexico City.

In what could very well end up being an early Super Bowl preview when seeing how great the two teams are playing, football fans can’t wait to see what Monday has in store when the Los Angeles Rams take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Mexico City. As part of the international series, the Rams were selected to play in Mexico City this year instead of London like previous seasons, but it looks like things are up in the air at the moment with the game scheduled to take place in less than a week.

As of Tuesday, there are plenty of discussions taking place over whether Monday’s game in Mexico City will actually be played there since there are “significant concerns” over the field condition, which is the last thing any NFL player wants to hear. If the field is too much of a mess for players to play on, this decision would seem like a no brainer, and the league appears to have options to avoid putting both teams in a tough situation, it only seems fair to move the game back to Los Angeles since the Rams are technically the home team.

Playing international games has brought all sorts of concerns into the picture over the years, mainly the complaints from some players over the time it takes to travel overseas for the ones that take place in London. But what members of the Rams and Chiefs would be dealing with when it comes to these field conditions would be absolutely ridiculous, even if the NFL were take a major revenue hit.

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When looking at all of the preparation taking place by both teams this week to prepare for the contest, the league can’ afford to waste that much more time with a decision, and hopefully they realize moving the game to Los Angeles is best for all parties involved. In fact, here are three reasons why the NFL needs to just put an end to the madness by making what seems like an easy decision to move the game back to where it should have been in the first place, which is Los Angeles.