3 goals for Los Angeles Rams after clinching NFC West following win in Week 13

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2. Earn No. 1 seed over Saints

Getting off to poor starts has unfortunately been a common habit for the Rams at times during the 2018 season, and back at the beginning of November, they were unable to pull off the comeback against the New Orleans Saints.

All hope seemed lost when Los Angeles found themselves trailing 35-14 at one point in the first half during that game, and while it was impressive to see them bounce back by scoring 21 points in a row, they still came up short to New Orleans.

One can only imagine how different the outcome of this game would have been if the Rams got off to a better start, but all the team can do is focus on making sure the Saints don’t end up with the top seed in the NFC playoff picture.

As a result of their loss to New Orleans, there was some concern for Los Angeles since the head-to-head tiebreaker meant they would get the edge. But thanks to the Saints receiving a wake-up call of their own during their recent loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the Rams are back in control of the top seed.

Things could quickly change if the Rams suffer another loss over these next four weeks, but hopefully that won’t be the case. As long as Los Angeles wins out, earning that top seed in the NFC shouldn’t be a problem at all.