The Rams will give up a home game again in 2019

The National Football League will have the Los Angeles Rams as well as four other teams “host” games as part of their International Series in 2019.

Thanks to the National Football League, the Los Angeles Rams are again destined for a “home game” somewhere other than at home.

That’s right fans, the Rams are one of five teams, that’s right five, who will “host” a game in either one of four to be played in London, or in a game once again destined for Mexico City.

In addition to Los Angeles, the Oakland Raiders, pseudo London home team the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and your other home team the Los Angeles Chargers, will all host a regular season game in a venue not their home stadium.

For those who have a short memory, the Rams and Kansas City Chiefs were scheduled to play their Week 11 showdown on Monday Night Football at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, when bad field conditions forced the league to move it back to the Los Angeles Coliseum. The ESPN game ended up being one of the best games in that prime time window in 2018. The 54-51 game showcased what many believe to be two Super Bowl contenders as well as two of the leagues brightest stars at quarterback in Jared Goff and Patrick Mahomes.

While it’s not clear if LA will be in Mexico City or in London, it’s another home gate fans in Los Angeles are losing.

It’ll also be another chance for the NFL, Mexico City, and London to get right as construction delays at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium forced the Raiders and Seattle Seahawks game to be moved back to Wembley.

The five game slate is the leagues continued attempt to sell their product to an international audience as the NFL still hopes to put a team, most likely in London, sometime in the future.

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Regardless, given the issues in London and the field disaster in Mexico City, commissioner Roger Goodell is determined to see it through in those two cities and likely elsewhere.

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