Los Angeles Rams: 15 greatest running backs of all-time

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Wendell Tyler, San Francisco 49ers
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(1977-82). Wendell Tyler. 6. player. 51. . RB

When considering he was one of the greatest players to be part of the UCLA program at the time, it was easy to understand why the Rams were so high on Wendell Tyler. He was still available in the third round of the 1977 NFL Draft, so the Rams selected the local kid out of UCLA to help bolster their football team.

Unfortunately when it comes to running backs in the NFL, teams always don’t get what they originally expected. And even though it took a little bit longer for Tyler to finally make the necessary impact Los Angeles was looking for on offense, there’s no question it was well worth the wait.

The 1979 season was the year when Tyler finally elevated his game to a whole new level for the Rams. He rushed for 1,109 yards on 218 carries to go along with 10 trips into the end zone, one of those receiving.

Watching Tyler finish his career as a member of the rival San Francisco 49ers was a tough pill for some Los Angeles fans to swallow. At least there were plenty of memorable moments for them to cherish during his six years with the team. Without question, the 12 touchdowns and 1,074 rushing yards put together during the 1981 season ranks right near the top of the list.