5 things for Los Angeles Rams to watch during 2019 Wild Card Round

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2. Potential second meeting with Bears

To say the Rams were embarrassed in the regular season during their meeting with the Bears would be a huge understatement as this was easily one of the worst performances of Goff’s career.

However, just because Goff and company lost to Chicago back in Week 14 doesn’t necessarily mean it would be guaranteed to happen again since a few factors for Los Angeles would be different this time.

Right away, the fact that the Rams would be able to avoid the cold weather of Chicago, and actually host the Bears would make a huge difference.

One of the main reasons why McVay was so concerned over earning that first-round bye was to avoid another potential trip to Chicago when seeing how difficult it was for the players to adjust to the weather on the road.

Then again, just because the Rams would be playing at home doesn’t mean it would be easier to face the tough defense of the Bears, so that factor will come into play as well when seeing how Los Angeles only put up six points the first time.

The Rams know they need to have the proper mindset of being able to take down some of the best teams in the NFC to have a shot at reaching the Super Bowl, and if they were to meet the Bears for a second time, let’s hope the team would learn from their mistakes from Week 14.