Los Angeles Rams: Todd Gurley still a mystery weeks after Super Bowl 53

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Weeks after the rough outcome of Super Bowl 53, the Los Angeles Rams still don’t have an update regarding what was going on with Todd Gurley to close out the postseason.

Whether Los Angeles Rams fans want to hear it or not, it’s going to take quite some time to get over the embarrassing performance that was on display in Super Bowl 53 when they failed to score a single touchdown against the New England Patriots.

Not to mention, Rams fans are still having a difficult time processing what exactly was going on with Todd Gurley‘s lack of impact in both the Super Bowl and NFC Championship.

It was already frustrating enough to hear Los Angeles claim there were no reasons for concern surrounding Gurley after the star running back was limited to just 10 rushing yards with a touchdown on four carries during the NFC Championship.

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But to see Gurley follow up with only 35 rushing yards on 10 carries in the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, well this just made absolutely no sense at all if he were “healthy” like Los Angeles claimed he was.

With Gurley’s workhorse mentality, the Rams should have been giving their beloved running back all the carries he could handle since teams can’t hold back in these kinds of situation with the chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy on the line.

Obviously, fans wouldn’t feel this way if Gurley were dealing with some sort of injury like he was towards the end of the regular season, but that’s the most frustrating factor from this whole situation since the team continued to make it clear there was nothing wrong.

Even more frustrating, it’s been two weeks since Los Angeles participated in Super Bowl 53, and it’s still a mystery when it comes to trying to figure out what on earth was going on with Gurley’s lack of production when the offense needed him the most.

Any healthy running back on Gurley’s level should never be limited to just 15 carries in the two biggest games of his career, but this was exactly the case for the Rams during the NFC Championship and Super Bowl.

As stated time and time again since the conclusion of Super Bowl 53, until fans finally receive some sort of answers that actually make sense in regards to what was going on with Gurley, the frustration is only going to continue from the base.

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So maybe instead of continuing this mystery, the Rams can actually provide everyone with some answers in order to move the focus on the important tasks of the offseason, which are doing whatever it takes to make sure Los Angeles remains a serious contender in 2019.