Los Angeles Rams received major discount in signing Blake Bortles

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The details have come out for Blake Bortles and the one-year deal he signed with the Los Angeles Rams during the 2019 season.

While some of the excitement surrounding the Los Angeles Rams in free agency has shifted to the recent signing of Clay Matthews, details in regards to the one-year deal for Blake Bortles have been released, and it’s just as amazing as it sounds.

Thanks to a hefty extension last offseason, the Jacksonville Jaguars knew it would be difficult financially to move on from Bortles, but also necessary since the former first-round pick had been given every opportunity to prove himself worthy of being the starter.

At the end of the day, a fresh start between both parties seemed to be the best solution this offseason, especially since it helped the Jaguars land one of the top free agents from this year in Nick Foles at quarterback.

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As for how this worked out for the Rams, there were some questions surrounding the team’s interest in signing Bortles when looking at some of his inconsistent play from the previous five seasons.

But from an experience perspective, Bortles seemed to have a major advantage over most candidates that Los Angeles was considering for the backup position to Jared Goff, and since they were able to convince him to come on board for a one-year deal, this worked out even better.

Not to mention, with the details of this new deal for Bortles officially released, the Rams were able to get him at an absolute steal when comparing what they would have paid for other quarterbacks.

Between his experience as a starter along with this cheap of a price, it’s no wonder Los Angeles was willing to give it a go with Bortles as their backup quarterback, because this deal looks like an absolute steal on paper.

For obvious reasons, the goal for the Rams would be that Bortles never needs to step foot on the field during a meaningful game since the preference would be to have Goff remain healthy. But in order for Los Angeles to be be safe rather than sorry, the decision to sign Bortles seems like the right one.

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With all due respect to Sean Mannion since there’s no reason for the Rams to have anything against him, the backup has never been needed for a meaningful game. So if Los Angeles were in a position where Goff went down, and Mannion became the new starter, there would be no way of knowing what to expect, which is why Bortles was the much better option at this price.