C.J. Anderson hints time with Los Angeles Rams may be over

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Based off his Twitter feed, it doesn’t look like the Los Angeles Rams plan on bringing C.J. Anderson back for the 2019 season.

Ever since the end of last season, one of the biggest questions surrounding the Los Angeles Rams  has been whether C.J. Anderson would be back in the picture after stepping up in a big way when the team was dealing with issues surrounding Todd Gurley.

With Gurley dealing with a knee injury towards the end of the 2018 season, the Rams signed Anderson for insurance purposes to provide some extra depth in the backfield, but the move ended up working better than anyone ever expected.

By finishing the final two games with 299 rushing yards with two touchdowns, Los Angeles seemed to all of a sudden have a new dynamic duo to work with on offense with Anderson splitting carries with Gurley.

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Even during the playoffs, Anderson led the way for the Rams to a point in which it seemed like he would be guaranteed to return in 2019. Not to mention, with reports indicating that Gurley was dealing with arthritis that would result in Los Angeles approaching his usual workload in a different way for 2019, this made Anderson’s return seem even more likely to happen.

Flash forward to free agency officially being underway for over a week, and Anderson still finds himself without a new team for next season, as the Rams seem to be taking the cautious approach of making sure they don’t jump the gun spending wise.

Of course, just because a deal with Anderson hasn’t been reached at this moment doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t come at some point down the road, but also based off a recent post on Twitter, there’s speculation the veteran may not be returning to the Rams after all.

First off, it should be noted this response by Anderson came from previous tweets discussing how he felt disrespected over his current situation trying to find his next team, but the follow up response is what has fans talking on Friday.

By thanking the Rams for the beautiful opportunity, this makes it seem like the running back knows his time in Los Angeles has officially come to an end, although anything is possible when it comes to the NFL if the team were to have a sudden change of heart.

While there are plenty of factors that most likely came into play here, it’s safe to assume that Anderson’s asking price may have been a little too high for Los Angeles since the team is already tight on what they have available to spend.

No matter what happens with Anderson for the 2019 season, the Rams and their fans will always appreciate the work put in by the veteran this past year to help the team earn a trip to the Super Bowl.

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As for Anderson’s fate, the running back may be frustrated at the moment, but it seems like only a matter of time before that right offer comes around, and he does find a new home for the 2019 season since plenty of teams could use his talent.