Sean Mannion could be good fit at backup for Minnesota Vikings

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After the Los Angeles Rams decided to go with Blake Bortles as their new backup quarterback, Sean Mannion is expected to visit the Minnesota Vikings this weekend.

Over the last two seasons, the Los Angeles Rams have felt confident in Sean Mannion being their backup quarterback to Jared Goff, but also it was difficult to determine how reliable he was since the team never needed him in a meaningful game, which was actually a good thing.

With this in mind, why wouldn’t the Rams just give it another go with Mannion for the 2019 season? Well, after looking at how tight things have been for Los Angeles financial wise, the NFC champions were at a disadvantage since Mannion would most likely cost more than they were willing to spend.

Basically, teams in need of improving their situation at backup quarterback have been showing interest in Mannion due to the fact that he’s spent the last two seasons learning under Sean McVay, a coach known for his effective ways of developing quarterbacks.

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As most teams have shifted most of their focus to the upcoming NFL Draft in April since free agency has been underway for a few weeks, it was sort of surprising to see Mannion still in search of a new team, especially since the Rams were already ruled out.

Turns out, Mannion may be in luck with a team that took sort of a step back in 2018, the Minnesota Vikings.

Coincidentally, it was the Vikings that signed Case Keenum around this time two years ago since the veteran knew he had no chance at the starting job after the Rams heavily invested in Goff to be their new starter.

Obviously, the situation would be similar to Los Angeles for Mannion if he were to join Minnesota to compete for the backup job to Kirk Cousins, which doesn’t seem like a problem for Mannion.

All due respect to Kyle Sloter, but Mannion should be able to beat him out for the No. 2 job at quarterback if given the opportunity, although nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the NFL.

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Still, at least from Mannion’s perspective, it’s great to see the former Rams backup gain some interest from the Vikings, as Los Angeles should wish him nothing but the best moving forward during the next stage of his career.