3 reasons Cooper Kupp will have career year for Rams in 2019

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3. Receiving trio has full year of experience together

Do the Rams have the most dangerous trio of receivers in the NFL when Kupp is healthy? Plenty of other teams can make a strong case, but it’s tough to deny this claim when looking at what Jared Goff is fortunate enough to work with.

While Kupp could arguably be a potential No. 1 or No. 2 receiver on another team, the wideout certainly benefits in a big way from playing alongside Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods with additional passes thrown in his direction on numerous occasions.

Being unselfish in an offense like Los Angeles has been key to the team’s success over the last two seasons, and when Kupp does end up being the top receiver games, Cooks or Woods never seem bothered by it.

Woods and Kupp may be entering their third season playing together, but with Cooks coming on board last offseason, it’s great to see the speedster now have a year of experience playing in this offense.

This may not seem like that big of a deal to take into consideration, but with Kupp and these two having a full year of playing together under their belts, this could work wonders in 2019 when it comes to the passing game of the Rams.