Rams should still worry about possibility of Seahawks signing Ndamukong Suh

Since the Los Angeles Rams have already made it clear that Ndamukong Suh would be too expensive to bring back, could they still see the veteran defender end up on the Seattle Seahawks?

With the Los Angeles Rams appearing to have closed the door on Ndamukong Suh returning for a second season with the team, there are still questions surrounding where the defensive star could end up for the 2019 season, especially if he remains on the West Coast.

After spending one year with the Rams in California, it’s completely understandable why Suh would prefer to remain on the West Coast if given the opportunity. And while there hasn’t been any recent chatter between the two parties, the one team that still seems worth keeping an eye on in regards to potential interest in Suh is the Seattle Seahawks.

First off, with the Rams emerging over the last two years as the team to beat in the NFC West, one can only imagine how much a team like the Seahawks would love to sign Suh just to benefit the rivalry alone.

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Football fans can say what they want about Suh no longer being that effective on the defensive side of the football, but his play towards the end of the postseason and Super Bowl shows there is still plenty of gas left in that old tank.

A few years ago, Seattle was always known as a team with one of the best defenses in the NFL, and while they may no longer be on that level, the unit did display some impressive performances throughout the 2018 season.

Obviously, Suh alone isn’t going to make the Seahawks return to that level, but his presence could certainly make a different on the defensive side of the football, that is if the interest were somehow still there.

Even though these reports emerged a few weeks ago, it’s tough not to wonder if the Seahawks would end up with a slight advantage over the market being slim for Suh, meaning he would have no other choice that to take a discount.

As much as the Rams would have loved to see Suh return for 2019 after seeing how much his presence benefitted Aaron Donald last year, they know how unrealistic this possibility is heading into April.

But if Los Angeles were to watch Suh end up on Seattle with the chance to face his former team twice a year, it’s tough no to wonder if the NFC champions would regret their decision in letting the defensive tackle hit free agency instead of re-signing him when the chance was there.