Rams lucked out by never expressing serious interest in Antonio Brown

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
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Looking at all of the drama Antonio Brown has recently been brewing up, thank goodness the Los Angeles Rams never expressed true interest in the speedy wideout.

While the Los Angeles Rams never officially expressed interest this offseason in acquiring Antonio Brown when the former Pittsburgh Steelers wideout was looking for a trade, there was some speculation over whether the team would pull off another surprise move.

Since Sean McVay came on board as the new head coach back in 2017, the Rams have pulled off numerous surprise deals, whether it involved Marcus Peters or Brandin Cooks.

Even with Los Angeles appearing to be set with their trio of receivers led by Cooks, there was always the slight thought over the possibility of McVay and company finding some sort of way to make it work, even if it meant moving on from one of the current players.

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As football fans know, Brown would eventually get traded to the Oakland Raiders, and any slim chance of the speedster ending up in Los Angeles was quickly thrown out the window, which seems for the best after looking at what the wideout has been up to lately.

In what can only be described as immature actions, Brown has been criticizing his former teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster, which all started from a tweet calling out his former teammate for fumbling in a key game during the 2018 season against the New Orleans Saints.

Watching the Steelers miss out on the playoffs this past season obviously came as a huge surprise since the team seemed to be in perfect position to earn at least a Wild Card spot, but also for Brown to blame Smith-Schuster for what took place is simply ridiculous.

Obviously, Smith-Schuster has every reason in the world to want to defend himself after seeing some of his responses to Brown’s tweets, but once again this shows how the Rams were much better off never making the wideout a potential option for 2019.

A team like Los Angeles already facing heavy pressure to make another run at the Super Bowl doesn’t need to be dealing with a player like Brown causing unnecessary drama in the offseason that only brings more distractions to a team like Oakland.

When focusing on football, Brown has proven to be one of the most explosive receivers in the NFL, and watching him catch 15 touchdown passes in 2018 shows he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

But when taking into consideration that Brown hasn’t even officially been off the Steelers for a full month, and he’s already acting like this, thank goodness the Rams never expressed heavy interest in the wideout while keeping their current trio of receivers in place.

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Otherwise, Los Angeles would be dealing with the annoying situation Oakland currently finds themselves in, and no team needs that kind of distraction while preparing for the upcoming draft in a few weeks.