2019 Los Angeles Rams Schedule: Ranking games from least to most difficult

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It’s time to rank the least to most exciting games for the Los Angeles Rams during the 2019 season with the schedule officially out.

Even though the Los Angeles Rams sort of knew their 2019 schedule for next season since the opponents were already set at the conclusion of last year, the actual dates and times had still yet to be determined.

However, the wait is finally over the Rams and the rest of football fans across the league after the NFL officially released all of the schedules for teams on Wednesday night.

As expected, Los Angeles will be receiving plenty of national attention after reaching the Super Bowl this past season before coming up short against the New England Patriots.

Two years ago, the Rams were one of those teams with little excitement outside of their own fan base since they were coming off a disappointing 4-12 finish in 2016, and appeared to be a work in progress, even after the hiring of Sean McVay.

After watching the progress made by this team over the last two seasons, one can only imagine what 2019 will have in store, as this team has their eyes set on earning another trip to the Super Bowl in Miami with hopefully better results this time around.

Of course, before looking that far ahead since the Rams need to make sure they focus on one game at a time, it only seems fair to take a closer look at which games should be easy for the defending NFC champions, and which ones will be the most difficult.

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Starting off with a familiar face in the NFC West, it’s time to rank the games from the 2019 schedule for the Rams from least to most difficult to see what next season could have in store.

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