Darrell Henderson visiting Rams shows more uncertainty with Todd Gurley

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Could the Los Angeles Rams pull off a surprise in the first round of the draft by going with Darrell Henderson?

Despite Darrell Henderson receiving heavy praise for being one of the top running backs from the 2019 NFL Draft class, the Los Angeles Rams weren’t really considered a strong landing spot for the Memphis star.

With the No. 31 pick in the first round after falling to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 53, most football fans rightfully assumed that Los Angeles would focus on one of their top needs with the selection, whether it was the offensive line or somewhere on defense.

However, with all of the uncertainty over the last few months surrounding Todd Gurley heading into the 2019 season, talk has started to heat up over the possibility of grabbing some insurance in the upcoming draft, which is where Henderson could come into play.

First off, if the interest weren’t there by the Rams, their meeting with Henderson never would have taken place since this would only be a waste of time for both parties.

But now that Los Angeles has made it clear that Henderson is a potential option for the first round depending on which players at certain positions are actually still available, this seems like yet another sign about how there are still concerns with Gurley.

After all of the drama surrounding Gurley’s lack of impact during the NFC Championship and Super Bowl, it was discovered this offseason the former Georgia star was dealing with arthritis in his one knee, which explains a lot.

The Rams have already made it clear they would be taking a different approach with Gurley in 2019 to make sure his knee wasn’t overworked too much, but also just because the team will be taking a different approach doesn’t eliminate any concerns.

Talent wise, Henderson is one of the top prospects at running back for a reason since the 22 rushing touchdowns recorded in his final season with the Tigers gives him all sorts of NFL potential.

No matter how great Gurley has been for the Rams’ offense over the years, even he knows the team will need to do whatever it takes to put them in the best position possible to make a run at the Super Bowl in 2019.

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Gurley may not be thrilled over the news of Los Angeles considering the possibility of going with Henderson in the back.

But even if this were to happen, and he were to start off as the backup, this would at least take a load off Gurley’s plate since the pressure for 2019 is already high enough.