Best pick from each NFC West team during 2019 NFL Draft

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Arizona Cardinals: Josh Rosen

Is this really that much of a surprise? For months, the speculation surrounding the Arizona Cardinals has been whether the team should move on from Josh Rosen after only one season, and select Kyler Murray with the top overall pick.

Arizona has taken plenty of criticism for this decision since going quarterback in the first round in each of the last two years seems to be a complete waste, but also in the long run, this has the potential to work wonders with Murray.

Keep in mind the Cardinals never would have gone through this process if they didn’t strongly believe Murray was a major upgrade over Rosen. And with his Murray’s explosive style of play, the Rams seem like they will face a much tougher challenge for the defense during their two meetings with the Cardinals each season moving forward.

Even if Murray experiences some typical rookie struggles, it’s the long-term potential for Arizona that could make things a little more competitive for Los Angeles in the NFC West.

Murray was the top selection in the draft for a reason, and now that he’s officially a member of the NFC West, this gives the division another young quarterback to keep an eye on.