3 reasons Darrell Henderson could be surprise 1,000-yard rusher for Rams in 2019

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Could Darrell Henderson turn out to be a surprise 1,000-yard rusher for the Los Angeles Rams as a rookie in 2019?

Back in April, the Los Angeles Rams made a surprise move in the 2019 NFL Draft by trading up to select Darrell Henderson in the third round, mainly because running back didn’t seem like a top need for the team at the time.

While the immediate speculation was the Rams were concerned about Todd Gurley‘s status moving forward after seeing how things played out at the end of last season, the organization made it clear right away this was far from the case.

If anything, Henderson was brought on board due to his different style of play that could help compliment Gurley in the backfield while potentially providing Los Angeles with a new duo to work with in the backfield.

With all due respect to Malcolm Brown since the backup running back finally seemed like he was going to be in for an increased role in 2019 after the team matched his offer from the Detroit Lions in free agency, Henderson seems like the much better option.

Brown may seem to have a slight upper hand at the moment for the No. 2 job at running back due to his experience playing in the NFL, but it seems like only a matter of time before Henderson officially takes over the role.

In fact, it may sound crazy to even consider the possibility of Henderson breaking the 1,000-yard rushing mark during his rookie campaign, but here are three reasons why it could actually happen to put the Rams in even better shape on offense.