3 reasons Darrell Henderson could be surprise 1,000-yard rusher for Rams in 2019

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2. McVay’s offense brings out the best in players

Hiring Sean McVay two years ago as the youngest head coach in NFL history could end up being one of the best decisions ever made by the organization if the last two seasons are any indication of what the future holds.

At the time, the Rams were considered to be one of the biggest laughing stocks across the NFL due to their offense, as the team was coming off a 2016 campaign in which they averaged just 14 points per game.

Back when McVay was hired, the original plan seemed like Los Angeles would need a year or two to adjust to playing for their new head coach, but this clearly was far from the case when looking at how the offense is now considered one of the best in the league.

All of a sudden, McVay is the kind of head coach that players dream of playing for since his offensive mindset helps bring out the best in players, and just looking at some players on the team from the last two years will back that up.

One can only imagine the level of excitement surrounding McVay when discovering that he would have a new weapon to work with in Henderson thanks to the draft, and it’s safe to assume the head coach is going to utilize the rookie in the best way possible during the 2019 season.

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Knowing McVay, the head coach most likely already has a few ideas in mind for Henderson on offense to make sure the Rams take advantage of his skill set as much as possible.