Ndamukong Suh gives fans laugh by wearing gloves with Rams logo in Buccaneers photo

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Football fans quickly pointed out Ndamukong Suh wearing Los Angeles Rams gloves in a photo of the defender wearing his Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey.

Around this time last year, Los Angeles Rams fans were feeling the excitement over the addition of Ndamukong Suh teaming up with Aaron Donald on the defensive line during the 2018 season to cause all sorts of problems for opposing quarterbacks.

While Donald certainly came through on his end by setting a career high of 20.5 sacks, the argument can be made that Suh didn’t exactly live up to the hype since from an overall perspective, the former first-round pick’s production wasn’t worth the $14 million.

Unfortunately for Suh, this seems like part of the reason Los Angeles believed they would be better off without the veteran defender since that money seemed like it would be better off spent elsewhere.

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Finding a new team took some time for Suh since most teams seemed to be on the same page as the Rams when it comes to believing that his asking price was a little too high, but at least this worked out for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who signed him in May to a one-year deal.

Only time will tell for the Buccaneers when it comes to determining whether replacing Gerald McCoy, who was released by the team a few weeks ago, with Suh will turn out for the best, but at least for Tampa Bay, the team seems like they had nothing to lose with the risk.

As for Rams fans, well while it may be tough to accept the duo of Suh and Donald arguably never got to reach the level of their true potential, at least their former defensive tackle was able to provide a good laugh with a photo uploaded to Twitter on Monday.

The folks over at USA Today pointed out how football fans quickly noticed that in Suh’s new photo in his Buccaneers jersey, the gloves he happens to be wearing has the Rams logo on it.

Here’s the photo, courtesy of Suh’s Twitter account, although fans may have to zoom in to get the best glance possible.

Obviously, this really isn’t that big of a deal since Suh just recently agreed to join the Buccaneers when he was vacationing in France, and most likely will have new gloves made for the upcoming season since, well that would just be weird to keep wearing ones with the Rams logo.

Towards the end of September, Suh will actually get the opportunity to face his former team since the Rams will be hosting the Buccaneers in what could end up being a tough matchup in the NFC.

Not only will Los Angeles have to worry about Suh, but with Bruce Arians being familiar with the Rams from his time spent with the Arizona Cardinals, this battle with the Buccaneers could be tougher than originally expected for the defending NFC champions.