Carson Wentz extension adds pressure to Rams taking care of Jared Goff

(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

With the Philadelphia Eagles rewarding Carson Wentz with a hefty four-year extension, the pressure is on the Los Angeles Rams to do the same with Jared Goff.

Similar to the Philadelphia Eagles with Carson Wentz, the Los Angeles Rams knew that sooner or later, Jared Goff‘s contract situation would need to be addressed, even after picking up the quarterback’s fifth-year option this offseason.

Turns out, the situation surrounding Goff may be approaching quicker than Los Angeles expected now that Philadelphia has officially taken care of Wentz to make sure he’ll be around on offense through the 2024 season.

Right away, football fans will quickly point out how insane it is to see Wentz’s extension valued at $128 million with all of the injury concerns he’s been dealing with over the last two seasons, whether it was the torn ACL from 2017 or the recent back injury.

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But no matter what the critics say, nothing can take away from the excitement surrounding the Eagles knowing that Wentz’s contract situation is already addressed and this is one less thing to worry about leading up to training camp.

As for the Rams, well this new deal for Wentz will obviously have some sort of impact over the kind of money Goff could be asking for since chances are, the former No. 1 pick will be looking for way more than what his draft classmate is making.

With both quarterbacks selected with the first two picks from the draft back in 2016, Goff and Wentz are two players who will forever be compared in the NFL, no matter how hard they try to avoid the discussion.

In comparison, many believe that Wentz is the better quarterback than Goff when healthy, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the Rams quarterback will be open to taking a contract of lesser value since Thursday’s news provides him with leverage when time comes for negotiation.

Even if Wentz is the better quarterback in comparison, what Goff has been able to accomplish over the last two seasons in Los Angeles playing under Sean McVay has been truly incredible to witness.

Clearly, the Rams made the right call back in 2016 when they sacrificed all of those future draft picks to trade up for Goff, and things are hopefully only going to continue getting better.

Whether it happens to be this summer or during the actual 2019 season, Los Angeles won’t be able to avoid contract talks with Goff for much longer if they want to keep him happy.

Just like the Eagles situation with Wentz, if the Rams ended up taking care of Goff sooner, it may save them some extra money in the long run since there’s always the risk of the asking price increasing if other quarterbacks receive new deals before him.

So with all of this in mind, it will be interesting to see how all this plays out eventually for Goff with his next contract, that is assuming the Rams do end up deciding he’s worth keeping around for the long run.