Todd Gurley claiming knee is small problem seems like bigger issue

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Todd Gurley’s knee continues to be the topic of discussion that won’t go away for the Los Angeles Rams.

Whether the Los Angeles Rams want to hear it or not, the concerns surrounding Todd Gurley most likely won’t go away until the running back actually steps foot on the field in a meaningful game.

For a running back who spent the previous two seasons being an absolute nightmare for opposing defenses, it was tough to watch Gurley struggle the way he did in the NFC Championship and Super Bowl.

It was one thing to watch Gurley only rush for 10 yards on four carries in the NFC Championship to go along with a touchdown, but the 35 rushing yards on 10 carries in the Super Bowl made it obvious that something was up.

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Even more frustrating, the Rams as a team continued to deny that anything was wrong with Gurley’s knee in the weeks after the Super Bowl before it was finally revealed that arthritis in the one knee was the issue.

All of a sudden, whether they were willing to admit it or not, Los Angeles had a new problem on their hands with Gurley’s knee, and would need to take a new approach in 2019 to make sure they didn’t make the injury worse.

As of the middle of June, there’s still no telling what to really expect from Gurley heading into training camp since the Rams have been taking the safe approach by having the running back perform his own set of workouts instead of field drills.

Only time will tell when it comes to seeing how Gurley actually looks when it matters the most in an actual game, but one thing seems certain, which is the knee is bigger issue than the running back indicates.

The folks at Pro Football Talk pointed out on Tuesday how Gurley referred to his knee being a ‘small problem” in comparison to what he had to worry about coming out of college.

But even if Gurley’s statement turned out to be accurate, the way Los Angeles has handled this situation over the last couple of months won’t make fans feel better over this entire approach.

Clearly, Gurley’s knee is a bigger issue than the Rams realized back in the winter, or they would have been giving everyone legitimate answers instead of questionable updates.

With all due respect to Gurley since he clearly knows his body better than anyone, this knee is far from a small problem, because if it was minor, fans still wouldn’t be talking about it in June.