Sean McVay shouldn’t have to keep defending Jared Goff being his quarterback

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Sean McVay clearly seems to be frustrated over having to defend Jared Goff being his quarterback with the Los Angeles Rams.

Two years ago, one of the main reasons behind the decision of the Los Angeles Rams to hire Sean McVay as the youngest head coach in NFL history at the time was due to the impact the move would have on Jared Goff.

Based off McVay’s previous work in helping develop Kirk Cousins develop into the necessary starter the Washington Redskins needed him to be before joining the Minnesota Vikings in 2018, the Rams were hopeful their head coach could do the same with Goff under center.

After years of trying to find a reliable quarterback to build the franchise around, Los Angeles felt confident enough in trading up during the draft in 2016 to land Goff at No. 1 following an impressive career at California.

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Going 0-7 as a rookie was obviously frustrating for numerous reasons with Goff, but also it wasn’t entirely the quarterback’s fault since the Rams didn’t exactly put him in the best position with a weak offensive line and terrible receiving corps.

Flash forward to 2019, and Goff has managed to become a top quarterback in the league with the Rams coming off a Super Bowl appearance along with continuing to have one of the league’s most high-powered offenses.

Unfortunately, despite all of the success and progress Goff has made over the last two seasons to help Los Angeles emerge as a top contender in the NFC, this still hasn’t been good enough for some of the doubters who believe the team would be better off with another quarterback.

Technically, McVay didn’t select Goff as “his quarterback” in 2016, but also the main reason behind that was due to the fact that he wasn’t around yet since he was still part of the staff in Washington.

With Goff under contract through the 2020 season, there’s been plenty of speculation over whether Los Angeles will reward their quarterback with a hefty extension, especially after the Philadelphia Eagles recently did the same for Carson Wentz.

However, there has also been some unfortunate speculation that the Rams may not give Goff a second contract, and the team could take the approach of selecting a younger quarterback down the road for McVay to develop on his own.

Just the thought of hearing a plan like this when Goff has proven to be capable of playing at a high level over the last two seasons sounds ridiculous to even consider, yet the talks surrounding this topic with the Rams just won’t seem to go away.

Maybe now that McVay has come out to set the record straight on all of the Goff talk, football fans will begin to realize the two-time Pro Bowler is part of the long-term plans for the Rams head coach, as long as he has a say in it.

Hearing McVay is “fed up” over the suggestions shows how out of control these talks surrounding Goff have become this offseason since he doesn’t seem like the kind of individual who gets annoyed easily.

Now that McVay seems to have made it clear that he’s confident in Goff eventually receiving an extension the quarterback will clearly deserve, maybe fans can focus on the team’s approach heading into training camp at the end of next month.

Rightfully so, Los Angeles is expected to enter the 2019 season as one of the early favorites in the NFC to make a run at the Super Bowl, and Goff will once again play a key role in whether or not this happens for the Rams.

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It’s certainly not going to be easy with some of the other teams like the Eagles and New Orleans Saints standing in their way, but at least with Goff continuing to progress, Los Angeles has every reason in the world to love their chances.