Holding off extension for Sean McVay would be absolute steal for Rams

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(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

Similar to the situation with Jared Goff, the Los Angeles Rams know that Sean McVay will need an extension at some point in the future.

Two years ago, the Los Angeles Rams decided to take a huge risk by naming Sean McVay the youngest head coach in NFL history, and what he’s been able to accomplish in such a short period of time has been truly incredible to witness.

From winning back-to-back NFC West titles to almost bringing home the Super Bowl 53 title, McVay has given Rams fans plenty to cheer about over the last two seasons.

Best part is, McVay seems to be only scratching the surface over his true potential in the NFL since the head coach still has plenty to learn when it comes to being one of the best in the league, even with all the success surrounding the Rams.

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Originally, McVay seemed like he would need at least one or two years before the Rams could even become part of the conversation for being a serious contender, so watching the quick success from the previous two seasons shows just how special he truly is.

Of course, Los Angeles knows that success also means that it’s only a matter of time before McVay will be looking for a hefty pay raise, which at this rate, he will clearly deserve.

As Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times recently pointed out, McVay is entering the third season of a five-year deal that is believed to pay the head coach around $4 million per season.

Does this mean McVay should be expecting a new deal sooner rather than later since the Rams are clearly earning a steal when matching the price with the production?

Well, Klein did discuss this topic as well, and it turns out that Los Angeles seems to be focused on rewarding their players first before addressing McVay, meaning it looks like the Rams are going to continue to get a steal with their beloved head coach.

When hearing this, chances are the Rams prefer to take care of Jared Goff before McVay since the longer they wait on the former No. 1 pick, the more money Los Angeles may end up having to spend down the road since quarterback prices only continue to rise.

At least when the time does come for McVay to receive a new deal, Los Angeles will most likely make it well worth it for the head coach since he’s changed the organization completely for the better.

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Until then, the Rams will continue to enjoy this steal of a deal they have with McVay, and hope to see the success continue heading into the 2019 season.