Todd Gurley’s health rightfully listed as biggest red flag surrounding Rams for 2019

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In what should be viewed as a major surprise, Todd Gurley’s health was recently listed as a the biggest red flag surrounding the Los Angeles Rams for 2019.

No matter how hard the Los Angeles Rams try to avoid the topic surrounding Todd Gurley‘s knee, this is just one of those things that won’t go away for the NFC champions this offseason.

With the start of training camp a little over a month away, Gurley’s knee seemed like it would have been fully addressed by now, but unfortunately this is far from the case.

As great as it has been to see Gurley play it safe over the last few months by participating in his own workouts instead of team activities, the only way it seems like fans are going to feel better about the situation is if the running back shows in a meaningful game he’s fine.

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Until then, the concerns seem like they’re only going to continue when it comes to Gurley, especially since the Rams have already made it clear they will be taking a different approach with their beloved running back in 2019.

Most recently, the folks at Bleacher Report put together a list of the biggest red flags surrounding each team heading into the 2019 season, and no one should be surprised to see that Gurley’s health was the biggest concern surrounding Los Angeles.

Clearly, Gurley has provided the Rams with a major advantage on offense over the last two years with his workhorse mentality, and ability to shred through defenders, whether it’s on the ground or through the air.

But with this knee injury continuing to be a concern, labeling Gurley’s health as the biggest red flag for Los Angeles seemed like an easy choice for Bleacher Report since at this point in the middle of June, still no one knows what to really expect.

If Gurley returns to action come September, and looks like his usual self in the backfield, then all of these concerns will quickly go away to put the Rams in better position to make another playoff run for a third year in a row.

However, between the way Los Angeles has been handling this situation since the end of Super Bowl 53 along with the continued uncertainty from Gurley’s offseason workouts, it’s tough to believe all will be good come September.

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So for now, Gurley’s health is going to continue being a major issue until proven otherwise, which is the last thing the Rams wanted to be dealing with heading into July.