Los Angeles Rams: 5 key questions to consider heading into 2019 training camp

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1. Can Gurley prove there are no reasons for concern?

By now, Rams fans are rightfully sick over trying to figure out exactly what to expect from Todd Gurley in 2019 after watching the running back struggle the way he did during the NFC Championship and Super Bowl.

McVay has done everything in his power to downplay the situation surrounding Gurley’s knee this offseason, but unfortunately this seems like a situation in which Rams fans will only feel better about once they see their beloved running back in action on the field.

Most likely, McVay will attempt to limit Gurley as much as possible during the preseason since he basically rested all of the starters last August, but training camp could be a different story.

If Gurley is limited in camp, immediate speculation will be that Gurley’s knee is still bothering him, and it will be time to hit the panic button.

When healthy, it’s no secret that Gurley is one of the league’s most dangerous running backs, and gives Los Angeles a major advantage to work with on offense.

For the sake of the Rams, let’s hope that Gurley does end up proving the doubters wrong throughout training camp and preseason by showing there are no reasons for concern with his knee.

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Because if not, the topic of Gurley’s knee is only going to continue to be annoying since it’s all Rams fans are going to be talking about leading up to Week 1.