Rams should be thrilled over avoiding 2019 NFL Hall of Fame Game

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

By avoiding the 2019 NFL Hall of Fame Game, the Los Angeles Rams have one less preseason game to worry about.

While one of the highlights surrounding the Los Angeles Rams in training camp this week was joint practices with the Los Angeles Chargers, two other teams in the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons are actually preparing for an exhibition game.

After months of patiently waiting, the first official football game will take place on Thursday with the Broncos and Falcons participating in the 2019 NFL Hall of Fame Game.

Each year, the NFL chooses two teams with players entering the Hall of Fame to play in the game, although it’s highly unlikely that any starter will see significant playing time to avoid any injuries.

For the Rams, it may have been frustrating to see none of their players earn the honors of heading into Canton this year, but if the team were looking for a positive factor to consider, at least Los Angeles doesn’t have to worry about the extra game.

First off, the Hall of Fame ceremonies in general are always fun to witness, but the game is where things can become a little annoying.

Between the extra travel needed just to get to Ohio to having the disadvantage of playing a fifth preseason game, the Rams have plenty of reasons to avoid this year’s Hall of Fame Game, and instead continue to put in the necessary work leading up to their first preseason action.

This time of year in general can be difficult for teams and fans since the argument can be made that preseason is way too long with most teams participating in four games, especially if some starters aren’t even playing.

Last summer, Sean McVay took the safe approach by basically resting all of the starters ranging from Jared Goff to Todd Gurley during the preseason to make sure none of his key players suffered any sort of injury in a meaningless game.

An extra exhibition game for Los Angeles only would have only resulted in McVay playing most of the players competing for a roster spot, and little excitement since the Rams most likely would have preferred to be practicing on their own.

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But since it’s a non-issue, at least the Rams can continue to prepare for that first preseason game taking place next weekend when they face one of the biggest winners from the offseason in the new and improved Oakland Raiders.