Los Angeles Rams: 3 questions for Week 1 preseason battle with Oakland Raiders

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2. Will key starters even play for the Rams?

Last year around this time, McVay took the approach of resting most of the starters during preseason games to avoid any injury to key players.

Unfortunately, every team in the NFL has dealt with some sort of crushing blow during the preseason in which they watch one of their key players suffer an injury that impacts the most important games during the actual season.

All things considered, McVay had every right in his decision to rest key starters last August during the preseason since the last thing he wanted to see was one of his stars suffer an injury that would impact their chances of reaching the Super Bowl.

Plus, with Todd Gurley continuing to monitor his knee along with Cooper Kupp working his way back after suffering a torn ACL last November, the Rams are already at a somewhat disadvantage in the injury department this time around.

With all this in mind, if McVay didn’t even bother playing certain players such as Jared Goff or Aaron Donald, this wouldn’t come as a surprise one bit.

Even if fans will be disappointed over not seeing some of their favorite players in action, the Rams need to do what’s best for the team against the Raiders, and avoid any injury at all costs.