Four-headed monster perfect nickname for Rams receiving corps

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Robert Woods may have come up with the best nickname for the Los Angeles Rams receivers by referring to the group as a four-headed monster.

Ever since Sean McVay came on board in 2017, the Los Angeles Rams have been fortunate enough to have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL, and that trend should continue heading into the 2019 season.

While Todd Gurley has received a good amount of the credit over the last two seasons after working his way into the conversation of becoming a top running back in the league, the receiving corps of the Rams deserves just as much credit.

After a disastrous rookie campaign in 2016 in which Jared Goff failed to record a single win in seven starts, i was clear that Los Angeles was in desperate need of building a better offense around their new beloved quarterback.

During the following offseason, the Rams made numerous key changes to make sure Goff would be in much better shape, beginning in free agency when the team pulled what some described as an underrated move in signing Robert Woods.

Shortly after, Los Angeles took advantage of the NFL Draft in 2017 by landing two wideouts in the middle rounds with Cooper Kupp (third round) and Josh Reynolds (fourth round).

Take this into consideration with the addition of Sammy Watkins through a trade a few months later, the Rams all of a sudden seemed to have one of the league’s strongest receiving corps heading into the 2017 season.

And while the unit did live up to expectations, as Los Angeles would go on to finish with one of the league’s top offenses in 2017, the unit improved even more the following offseason with the addition of Brandin Cooks.

Originally, the Rams seemed confident enough in players like Woods, Cupp, and Reynolds stepping up when Watkins left in 2018 to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs, but leave it to Los Angeles to pull off another surprise by acquiring Cooks from the New England Patriots.

In a way, this worked out even better for the Rams since Cooks was easily a major upgrade over Watkins, and watching the speedster join an elite group of receivers made it seem like the unit would be in great shape for years to come.

Flash forward to present day, Los Angeles is coming off another impressive campaign in 2018 on offense, although it was frustrating to watch the unit come up way short against the Patriots in Super Bowl 53 the way they did.

Still, with Kupp appearing to be on track to play Week 1 after suffering a torn ACL last year along with Reynolds looking to be more involved, 2019 could easily top last season for this strong receiving corps on the Rams.

In fact, when recently hearing Woods label the group as a “four-headed monster” for the Rams, well this seems like the perfect nickname for the group of receivers, especially if Reynolds ends up being more involved in 2019 as expected.

From ESPN:

"With Kupp’s return, Woods dubbed the Rams’ receivers a “four-headed monster,” given Kupp’s elusiveness inside, the development of Reynolds, and the return of sixth-year pro Brandin Cooks.“We have a lot of receivers making key plays,” said Woods, who broke for a 52-yard touchdown reception in combined practice against the Chargers. “Cause Josh has been making plays, but just to get Cooper back in it … four different styles of receivers and four different ways to attack your defense.”"

Does this mean the “four-headed monster” nickname will catch on throughout the 2019 season?

Cards on the table, Goff continues to show signs of improvement with experience, and any quarterback across the NFL would do anything to have the kind of teammates he has to work with on offense.

Living up to expectations once again in 2019 may be a little more challenging this time around, but the Rams seem ready for the challenge.

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As long as Kupp returns to his normal ways, the four-headed monster should cause all sorts of problems for opponents in 2019 while putting Los Angeles in great position to earn another trip to the Super Bowl.