Jared Goff deserves bigger contract than Dak Prescott

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While Dak Prescott continues to push for a new contract from the Dallas Cowboys, it’s only a matter of time before the Los Angeles Rams deal with Jared Goff’s situation.

Even though Jared Goff was the top overall selection by the Los Angeles Rams from the NFL Draft back in 2016, Dak Prescott will go down as one of the biggest steals that year after the Dallas Cowboys managed to snag him in the fourth round.

With both quarterbacks entering their fourth NFL season, it’s only a matter of time before both Goff and Prescott see hefty paydays from their respected teams, especially when seeing what quarterbacks make these days.

Between Goff helping the Rams recently earn a trip to the Super Bowl to Prescott leading the Cowboys to NFC East titles in two of the last three seasons, it’s safe to say each youngster has made a strong case for being a top quarterback in the league.

Over the last few months when the topic of a potential new contract has been brought up, Goff has managed to say all of the right things by taking the approach that when the time is right, it will take care of itself.

Based off the progress made over the last two seasons, Goff seems confident enough in Los Angeles taking care of him when the time is right so the two sides can focus on what’s most important, which is making sure the Rams remain a top contender in the NFC.

As for Prescott, well let’s just say with the Cowboys quarterback reportedly turning down an offer to make around $30 million per year on top of Ezekiel Elliott continuing to holdout, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for Dallas.

Similar to Goff, Prescott most likely feels confident enough in the Cowboys paying him at some point since it’s tough to imagine where Dallas would have been without him over the last three years.

However, if Prescott and his career high of 23 touchdown passes from 2016 when he was a rookie believes he deserves to earn more than $30 million per year, well just imagine how Goff would react to the news.

Dallas fans can say whatever they want about believing that Prescott is the better quarterback, but Goff’s numbers from the previous two seasons alone make him seem like the better option under center, meaning he would clearly deserve to make more money.

After a rough rookie campaign that consisted of going 0-7, Goff quickly turned things around once he began to work with McVay, and has thrown for just under 8,500 yards with 60 touchdowns in 31 games dating back to 2017.

Goff may have the advantage over Prescott when it comes to weapons to work with in the passing game, but this shouldn’t take away from the kind of money he deserves.

For obvious reasons, the last thing Los Angeles wants to see is Dallas overpay Prescott to provide Goff with an extra advantage at the negotiation table, whether that time comes this year or down the road.

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But if the Cowboys do give in, the Rams better be ready to make Goff a better offer, because he clearly deserves to make more than Prescott.