3 questions for Rams in Week 4 preseason against Texans

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3. What should Rams expect at linebacker?

As mentioned before, the Rams watched Kiser suffer an unfortunate injury a few weeks ago with the linebacker’s left pectoral.

After showing plenty of potential as a rookie in 2019, Los Angeles was beyond excited to see what Kiser could bring to the table during his second NFL season, and even seemed to have the potential of becoming a starter.

Now, the Rams will need to be a little extra patient to see if this turns out to be the case, but also if the team were looking to stay positive, at least others seem ready to step up for additional roles.

From Bryce Hager to Dakota Allen, Los Angeles is fortunate enough to have numerous linebackers that seem ready to step up while Kiser is recovering from his injury.

Better yet, could Thursday’s preseason finale against the Texans see a few other players at the position emerge out of nowhere to make cases for playing time come September when it matters the most?

The Rams most likely have a clear idea of which players they would love to see step up, but also maybe there will be a few surprises during Thursday’s game since this will be the final shot to prove themselves before roster cuts.