3 questions for Rams in Week 4 preseason against Texans

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2. Who will shine for the No. 5 wideout spot?

Between Cooper Kupp returning along with Josh Reynolds expected to have a larger role, there’s plenty of excitement surrounding the Rams four-headed monster at wide receiver heading into the 2019 season.

However, just because Los Angeles has an idea of what to expect from their top four receivers doesn’t necessarily mean they have a plan for the No. 5 wideout since there are a handful of candidates ready to make a case for the role.

Take a look at Mike Thomas for example, who came up big last weekend against the Denver Broncos by making an impact right away, and finishing the game with three catches for 76 yards.

A player like Thomas can only receive so many opportunities before a team like the Rams realize it’s finally time to move on, but also the wideout has some competition with other players such as KhaDaral Hodge and Nsimba Webster.

Will either of these three players come up big for Los Angeles on Thursday?

If Thomas, Hodge, or Webster wants to truly make a case for themselves, they have no other choice but to do whatever it takes to stand out when facing the Texans.

Otherwise, they may be forced to find work on another team.